Required Legal Documentation For Your Small Businesses

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As a Small Business Owner, we are well aware that your average day could be fairly busy; whether it’s serving your customers, dealing with marketing, finances, acquiring new customers and dealing with unplanned tasks and distractions.

I’m sure you’ll have said that you wish you had more hours in the day! – on top of working a 14 to 15 hour day. Your work/life balance will certainly have come into question as well as remaining productive.

Another aspect of your business that you should be aware of are the regulations for doing business online including ensuring the correct policies and procedures are in place.

We know that it is unlikely that you’ll have the time to understand each regulation fully and put in place the necessary actions too.

This is where we can help. This quick guide will:

  • Tell you what regulations you need to be aware of when doing business online.
  • The types of documents you need (Including the various sections) for your website.
  • Why you need them.

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