Standard Website Documents Pack + Auto updates

£15.00 / 12 months + a sign-up fee of £64.00

Website Terms & Conditions

Cookies Policy + Notification Pop Up

Privacy Policy

12 months guarantee


The standard website documents pack contains the following documents required for your website:

  • Terms and Conditions
  • Cookie Policy + Notification Pop Up
  • Privacy Policy

Document Fee: £64

All these documents are kept up to date automatically for £15 per year after 12 months.

If you sell online please purchase our eCommerce documents pack.

Terms and Conditions

The website terms and conditions must be accessible to users by way of a prominent hyperlink, at all points where the website can be viewed by the user. You may find it either on the website’s footer or header.

The legal obligations and rights between you and your website users are presented in the terms of this website.

These Website Terms and Conditions include:

  • Your company’s information
  • Acceptable and Prohibited use of the website
  • Limitation of Liability
  • Rights related to Intellectual Property
  • Passwords, registration and security
  • Law
  • Viruses
  • Links to other websites

Cookie Policy + Notification Pop up

As per the EU Cookies Directive, online providers and website operators who set cookies on their users’ equipment must provide comprehensive and clear information to users about the purposes for which the cookie has been accessed or stored in their system.

This Cookie Policy, forms part of a layered approach that can be taken by providers in order to comply with this obligation. Providers are either required to link directly to the cookie policy from a prominent place on their website such as the website header or they can link to it from a short form notice or the appropriate place in their privacy policy.

Cookies are data files that are placed by most website operators on the hard drive or browser of their user’s computer. Cookies can collect information about the way users are using websites. Cookies may also allow the website to identify an already existing customer when he visits the website in future. In the recent past, cookies have also been used to gather information related to a user. This information permits the operator of a website or a third party to create a user’s profile that includes his interests and preferences so that the user is served with the advertisement that may be of particular interest to him.

Cookies are automatically accepted by most of the browsers by default, but these settings can be changed by users if they want to block a few or all of those cookies.

This also comes with a cookie notification pop up to notify users that your website uses cookies.

Privacy Policy

The aim of this privacy policy document is to ensure that your business complies with the privacy laws of UK and The European Union (EU), specifically the PECR (Privacy & Electronic Communications Regulations).

The document also covers important issues such as the use and storage of personal data, collection of data, links to other websites, security and password.

The standard document is drafted to be used on a website that collects:

  • Personal data that is basic and non-sensitive. For instance name, phone number and details related to credit cards for the purposes of delivering goods and services to the website users. Or to contact users with direct marketing information
  • Information that pertains to user’s online behaviour and psychology such as web log data and IP addresses

You are required to take your own legal advice if you are collecting personal data. You are also required to be registered with the Information Commissioner’s Office for data processing so that you may be able to process personal data.

What are Auto-Updates?

To ensure your website complies with the latest internet law and regulations, we will update your documentation when required. This is an automatic process and you would not need to re-integrate the code into your website. When ever there is an update, you’ll be asked to review before your documents have been updated.


Ordering Process

As soon as payment as been made, our legal experts will begin drafting your documents. This process takes 1-2 weeks to complete.

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