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These terms of use (including the documents that have been referred to in it) explain you our website’s terms of use. Only if you comply with these terms, can we allow you to freely use our website www.thatlegalstuff.com; either as a registered user or a guest. Use of our website comprises browsing, accessing or registering in order to use our website.

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Other applicable terms

We refer these terms of use to the below mentioned additional terms, which are also applicable to your use of our website:

  • Our Acceptable Use Policy: This explains the ways in which you are permitted or prohibited to use our website. In order to use our website you must strictly comply with the Acceptable Use Policy.
  • Our Privacy Policy: This sets the guidelines and terms on which we process the personal data and information that is collected by us and provided by you. When you use our website, you automatically give your consent to this processing and ensure that the data you have provided is correct.
  • Our Cookie Policy: This gives you information about the cookies that we have used on our site.

Before purchasing goods or services from our website, you have to comply with our Terms and conditions of supply.

Information about us

The website www.thatlegalstuff.com belongs to and is under the management of That Legal Stuff. Our company is located in England and Wales, registered under the company number 08624404. Our registered office is at 15 Nigel Grove, York, YO24 4DU (“We”).


Modification of these terms

These terms can be revised by us at any time with the amendment or modification of this page.

We advise you to visit this page frequently to check if there have been any changes made by us, as they are legally binding upon you.


Changes to our site

This site may be updated by us from time to time, and we are also authorised to change the existing content or information on our website any time. However, please note that there might be some information on our website that has become outdated, which we are not obligated to update or refresh.

Furthermore, we don’t warranty that the content that has been placed on our website is completely free of any omissions or errors.


Access to our site

Our website www.thatlegalstuff.com can be used by individuals for free.

However, it is not guaranteed that our website and its content will be available for use at all times or without interruption. We permit you to access our website on a temporary basis. We have the authority to suspend, discontinue, withdraw or change any or all sections of our website without giving a prior notice. We are also not accountable to you if for some reason our website is not operational or available for a limited or extended period of time.

It is your responsibility to make all the required arrangements that are essential for you to gain access to our website.

It is also your responsibility to ensure that any individuals who gain access to our website by using your internet connection have knowledge of these terms of use and all the other applicable terms and conditions. You must also ensure that they are in compliance with all the relevant terms.


Your password and account

If a password, user identification code or any other information that is part of our security procedures has been chosen by you or provided by us then it is imminent for you to keep this information confidential. You are not allowed to disclose this information to a third party.

We have the authority to disable or change any password or user identification code whether it has been given by us or chosen by you, at any given time, if we reasonably believe that you have not complied with a provision of these terms of use.

If it is in your knowledge or you suspect someone who knows your password other than you then you must quickly notify us at info@thatlegalstuff.com


Intellectual Property Rights

At That Legal Stuff we own and hold the license to all the intellectual property rights present on our website and the content published on it. All of these works are under the protection of applicable treaties and copyright laws throughout the world. All of these rights are reserved.

You are allowed to have a print out of one copy, or to download excerpts from any page or pages on our website for your personal use. We also permit users to draw other people’s attention and encourage them to read the content on our website.

However, you are not allowed to make changes to the soft or hard copy of any content or material that you have downloaded or printed from our website. You are also not permitted to use images, audio, videos, graphics or illustrations independently from the text with which it was used.

You must, at all times, accept that we or (any other identified contributors) are the authors and owners of the content on our website.

The content on our website is not allowed to be used for any commercial purposes without receiving a license from us or our licensors.

If you don’t comply with these terms of use and choose to copy, download or print any section of our website then you will immediately cease your right to use our website. Furthermore, you might be required at our option to return or destroy the copies of content or materials that you have.


No reliance on information

The content provided on our website is for general information only. It is not created for advice on which you must rely. If you want to take or refrain from taking any action based on what we have presented in our content then you must seek for specialist or professional advice.

Although reasonable measures are taken by us to keep the information on our website updated, we don’t make any express or implied warranties, guarantees or representations, that the material on our website is correct, up-to-date or complete.


Limitation of our Liability

In these terms of use, we don’t limit or exclude our liability for personal injury, or death that has resulted from our negligence, fraudulent misrepresentation, or our fraud, including some other liability that has not been excluded by English law.

To the extent that the law permits, we exclude all warranties, conditions or any other terms that are applicable to our site, or any express or implied material on it.

We don’t accept any liability to any individual or user for damage or loss, be it in tort (including negligence), contract, and breach of statutory duty or otherwise, even if the loss or damage is foreseeable arising under or in connection with:

  • Using, or being unable to use, our website; or
  • Using or placing any reliance on the content that is present on our website.

In case you are a business user than please pay particular attention to the fact that we will not accept any liability for:

  • Interruption with your business activities
  • Loss of any savings that you were anticipating
  • Loss of sales, revenue or profits
  • Any consequential or indirect damage or loss.
  • Loss of business opportunity, reputation or goodwill

If you are a consumer user, then please draw attention to the fact that we allow our website to be used only for private or domestic use. You have agreed that you may not use our website for any business or commercial purposes. Furthermore, we bear no liability to you for any loss of business, loss of profit, loss of profitable business opportunity or for any business interruption.

We can also be not held liable for any damage or loss that has been caused through a virus, distributed denial-of-service attack or any other technologically harmful material, that may impact or infect your computer programs, computer equipment, data or any other proprietary material as a result of you using our website. We are also not responsible for loss or damage resulting from the download of any content or material on it or any website that is linked to it.

We will not be held responsibility for the content posted on websites that are linked to our site. Such links must not be understood as if we have endorsed or authorised those linked websites. We would not be held responsible for any damage or loss that may occur from your use of them.

Different exclusions of liability and limitations will be applicable to liability that has resulted due to any goods you have used, that will be set in our Terms and conditions of supply.



It is not guaranteed that our website will be safe or free from any viruses or bugs. It is your responsibility to configure your computer programmes, information technology and platform to gain access to our website. We advise you to use your own virus protection software.

Our website must not be used by you for knowingly introducing Trojans, viruses, logic bombs or any other material that is technologically harmful or malicious. You are prohibited to gain unauthorised access to our website, the server on which we have stored our website or any other database, computer or server that is connected to our website. You are prohibited to attack or infect our website by way of a denial-of-service- attack or a denial-of-service-attack that is distributed. If you breach this provision then you will be committing a criminal offence as stated in the Computer Misuse Act 1990. Any such breach will be immediately reported by us to the relevant law enforcement authorities. We will also cooperate with and help those authorities through disclosure of your personal information and identity. Furthermore, in the event, in which this breach occurs your right to use our website will be terminated immediately.


Linking to our site

You are allowed to link to our homepage, however you are expected to do so in a manner that is legal and fair. Furthermore, it must not damage or adversely affect our reputation or take undue advantage of it. You are not allowed to create a link to our site on any website that you don’t own.

Our website must not be featured on another website. You are also not allowed to create a link to any other part of our website except the homepage.

We have the authority to withdraw the linking permission we have given without any prior notice. The website to which you are linking our website must be in compliance with all the content standards that have been set in our Acceptable Use Policy.

If you are interested to use the material and content on our website, excluding that set out above, than please contact us at info@thatlegalstuff.com.

Third party resources and links on our website

Where links and resources from third party websites are included on our website, then understand that these links are provided only for your information. We possess no control over the resources and content of those websites.


Applicable Law

If you are a user of our website then please take notice that these terms of use, its formation and its subject matter is governed by and is subjected to English Law. We and you both are in agreement that the courts of Wales and England will have non-exclusive jurisdiction. However, if you are a resident of Scotland or Northern Ireland then you may bring proceedings to the courts of these respective countries.

If you are a business then these terms of use, its formation and its subject matter (including non-contractual claims or disputes) are governed and handled by English Law. We and you both are in agreement that the courts of Wales and England have exclusive jurisdiction.


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